IVA incluido


Simply Beautiful!

Your new  make up silicone sponge is perfect for applying mousse, cream or compact makeup. Its smooth and soft material prevents it from being absorbed too much. Discover how easy it is to obtain a natural, luminous and uniform finish.

  • Cleans easily with water
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • 1 year approx. of duration


IVA incluido

How is it used?

  1. Put on your makeup. Remember to use a small amount, because one advantage of these sponges is that they do not absorb makeup
  2. Distribute it in 4 points of your face
  3. Evenly spread your makeup with the widest part of the sponge. Give soft, circular strokes from the inside out
  4. With the narrowest part it defines the most complicated areas, such as the eyelids, the inner areas of the eyes and the nose. Go over and touch up until you get your perfect finish.
  5. Easily wash it off with water! This way you avoid traces of makeup and moisture that can generate bacteria.

You can combine it with the powder  make up brush and the blush make up brush


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